Actress ● Media Personality ● Producer

Linda V. Carter is the archetypical renaissance woman: a model, actress, fashion consultant, TV host, business owner, media consultant, director, producer, grandmother and more.

Growing up in Toronto and experiencing multiculturalism at its global peak was an inspiration and Guiding Force for Linda’s life and career. Linda values world travel and considers it an important form of education.


In her long and illustrious (albeit challenging) career, Linda has accrued a multifaceted life of experiences. She has modelled in Paris, Rome and London, worked on many film and television roles, as well as numerous commercials in Toronto, Montreal, the Caribbean and locations across the globe. She is also a voiceover artist, has hosted her own talk show, presented fashion segments on CityLine, represented fashion lines on The Shopping Channel, and most recently, interviewed for radio at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

As a successful spokesperson and actress, Linda possesses a distinctive poise, effective selling manner, and great commercial appeal. Her easy manner, elegant bearing, and acute fashion sense make her a memorable presence in all media.

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Linda V. Carter is a versatile actor who is accredited with multiple roles on television, voice acting parts, as well as acting for commercials and educational videos. Always able to adapt to new roles and play the part, Linda can perform a multitude of accents including southern drawl, New York, Chicago, British, French, and Caribbean. She is also very knowledgeable of and participates in sports such as baseball, horseback riding and ice skating.


Drawing from her experience as an on-camera model and actor, Linda uses her air of charisma and empathic nature to conduct interviews with the likes of Hollywood’s most elite.

The most important thing for an interview is intimacy. Forget about the camera. You might throw away your cue cards because what they’re saying is more interesting than the questions you have. To really meet that person, there’s a certain amount of empathy involved. You have to make a person feel comfortable and feel important.


Ms. Carter’s involvement in fashion began with her modelling career as a teenager.

Her numerous fashion credits include work for Azzaro, Kenzo, Ungaro, Givenchy, Castelbaljac, Paco Rabanne, St. Laurent, Louis Feraud, Gucci, Valentino, Pierre Cardin, Georgio Armani, Anne Klein, Holt Renfrew, Linda Lundstrom, Wayne Clark, Alfred Sung, Ports International, Vogue Paris, and other top design houses in Paris, Rome and London.